Mothers, Daughters...and Daddys too


Its important that your Daughters understand how marveloously God made them.

Natural Family Planning of Nebraska is offering private and small group presentations on "The Wonder of Eve" and "The Truth Within." 

These intimate and caring opportunities allow each participant to achieve wisdom, share insights and learn the truth about God's design of the female body . . . her health, fertility and her unique cycle. 

The Wonder of Eve

 The mission is to 

  1. Inform young women about the benefits of being aware of their reproductive system and learning to appreciate it.
  2. Encourage/empower women to be advocates for their own gynecologic health. 

We recommend this program for young women who are looking forward to starting or have just started their menstrual cycles as well as high school students and their families.

The Truth Within

What we are taught in school is the tip of the iceberg compared to what we can learn about the female body.


Did you know there are three feminine superpowers? Ovulation, Gestation and Lactation. The Truth Within is a comprehensive presentation of Ovulation. The mission is to empower you to take charge of your health and life through knowledge and truth.

Any woman who wants more information about her fertility would benefit from this program including high school/college students and family members.